Motor City


"Making Concrete Change"

The Motor City Coalition (M.C.C) was formed in October 2018, by Met Plus Incorporated, The Seed Project and The Cream Incorporated which are all 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations. These organizations felt that it was time for a fused collaboration that focused on the empowerment and support of underprivileged and less fortunate communities within the City of Detroit and Surrounding areas. 

It is the Direct mission of this coalition to acquire property and land that will sustain projects that will support low-income individuals to achieve Higher Educational Endeavors. Our purpose will be to identify individuals that are Low-Income and are currently enrolled in institutions of higher learning (Universities, Community Colleges, Trade Schools, etc) that require additional assistance in Housing & Transportation and additional Academic & Support Services and provide these services for them. Also, to collaborate with institutions within the community to create sustainable programming.

We hold with strong conviction that by empowering and supporting those who want to become productive citizens and contribute to the economy by furthering their education (but may not have the resources or means to) will spark the economy here in Detroit. We hold an even stronger conviction that this spark will ignite the economy of Detroit…solving many of the problems that plague Detroit.